Natalia and Yaroslav

Wedding photoshoot on Koh Samui Thailand

July 01, 2019

We were looking for a photographer who created the atmosphere and we felt at ease and knew what we were looking for. Alex was just that, and we are so happy that we contacted him. He was responsive, passionate about his work, could be flexible with his time, went all the way to the place where we were, and placed above and outside the photos that we wanted. Honestly, just a super nice guy who takes incredible photos. Photos for life. We had so much fun at our engagement and hope that one day, maybe we will come to Thailand again and have a family photo shoot with Alex and our children!

Svetlana Light

Thai ceremony in Thailand about. Samui

January 04, 2016

I liked the organization of the wedding very much, Elena helped in absolutely everything: together we picked up a bouquet for the bride, bother with the details of the wedding costumes (Thai-style ceremony), I threw screenshots, and Elena looked for options, recommended me a very beautiful place for the ceremony. And the day before the ceremony, we even had the opportunity to try on costumes! Thank you so much! )
And special thanks to Alex, the photographer! He told us the best angles, directed, all the photos even without processing turned out to be very beautiful and sensual! It was very nice to work together)

Aigirim and Yernar

Wedding photo shoot in Koh Samui Thailand

December 15, 2015

Guys !!! Thank you very much for organizing our wedding on Samui 11/03/2018. We are glad that we have chosen you. You are great fellows, good organization, caring, attentive, after our first meeting, I already realized that everything will be as it should)
Frankly, I corresponded with many agencies, compared the conditions, prices, attitude to us (clients), the options for the design of the ceremony, etc. In principle, many offers are similar, differences in price, conditions and some points.
I was interested in everything, every position, a trifle. But how differently? When the crisis in Russia and the dollar rose, I really do not want to buy a "pig in a poke."
So, someone answered me through clenched teeth, someone ignored my questions altogether, someone frankly said “stop getting me”, I won’t call these agencies, it’s not about them) I myself work in sales and I think this approach is unacceptable ... Actually, that's why I describe everything)
When I wrote to this agency they answered me right away, girl Lena. She gave detailed answers to my questions about how best, what is best, what color is suitable, what flowers, where to go to take pictures, which hotel is better to live in, etc. ... And after we phoned Lena and talked very nice, my excitement organization of the wedding has died down))
It can be seen that people are heartily approaching business. They worry and worry about us as our friends) It is so nice, especially in another country.
To all who participated in the creation of our wedding on Koh Samui on this happy day for us on November 3, THANKS MANY THANKS! Lena, Alex, Anya, our drivers, our master of ceremonies, florists, etc. It was cool!
You guys are awesome! Keep it up ! Be always like that and there will be no end to customers! Prosperity to you and good luck!

Alexandras and Asta

Wedding photo shoot in Koh Samui Thailand

May 08, 2018

Today I received photos! I did not expect that everything will turn out so high quality and professional. We could only dream of such a wedding photo shoot. Thank you very much for the realization of our fantasies. It's nice to deal with you. Your experience and professionalism is beyond doubt. We will contact you also recommend it to friends. Thank you very much for such a quality work.

Ekaterina Datskikh

Pre-wedding photo shoot in Koh Samui Thailand

April 09, 2018

Alex, thank you very much for the excellent work that manifested itself in everything: professionalism, attitude, organization. We got a lot of positive emotions both from the process and from the photos themselves! Develop, expand your horizons, creative success to you, but always remain the same pleasant, attentive and positive person!

Наталья и Андрей

Свадебная фотосессия на Самуи Тайланд

July 16, 2015

Саша огромное спасибо тебе за фото ) просто нет слов ! Все было очень красиво !


Индивидуальная фотосессия на Самуи

August 14, 2015

Саша, не могу не оставить положительный отзыв о твоей работе!)) время, проведенное вместе, было незабываемо!)  с легкостью ты поборол мои страхи перед позированием, и получились отличные фотографии!)) от души буду рекомендовать всем провести фотосессию на райском острове именно с тобой!) 


Свадебная фотосессия в Тайланде о. Самуи

December 09, 2015

Thank you so much 💓 it was such a beautiful photoshooting 💓 we were very lucky to choose you!

Анастасия Кибалка

Индивидуальная фотосессия на Самуи

September 08, 2015

Саша, спа-си-бо!! Оч приятно и легко работать с тобой. Наконец-то и у меня есть отличные фотки с отпуска!)

Наталья Попова

Индивидуальная фотосессия в Тайланде о. Самуи

October 07, 2014

Саша, спасибо за отличные фотографии! Для таких как я - стесняшек- сложно изобразить перед камерой сходу что-то органичное, большое спасибо за советы и помощь) Друзья и коллеги оценили-оценили, даже моя придирчивая маман после мейла с фото выдала "как будто не моя дочь, а какая-то красотка с километровыми ногами" =))))))))










Наталья Казакова

Love Story в Тайланде о. Самуи

August 13, 2014

Спасибо Саша, за отличные фотографии! Хоть кто- то нас поснимал....Наконец то у фотографа появились классные фотки)С тобой очень здорово было работать)Все наши друзья и родители в восторге от фотографий)И очень здорово что мы познакомились с тобой и выбрали именно тебя!

Гала Ключникова

Свадебная фотосессия в Тайланде о. Самуи

January 02, 2014

Саша, большущее спасибо за свадебную фотосессию! Честно говоря, мы долго выбирали фотографа и нисколько не пожалели о своем выборе. Сама работаю на телевидении, поэтому знаю всю эту фото-видео-кухню))Сделано классно! Абсолютно все мои коллеги (чего уж говорить о нас с мужем) просто в восторге!))))Спасибо тебе огромное!
Саша - большой профессионал своего дела и очень позитивный и добрый человек! Так что если в следующий раз приедем на Самуи, то фотосессию от Александра Дядюшко сделаем 100%) 
Саша, удачи тебе и личного счастья))))

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